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lighton's community

   One need only look at the 1922, 1923, and 1924 Midwestern Artist Exhibitions to locate the individuals with which Gertrude Woolf Lighton associated. Many were students and employees of the Kansas City Arts Institute. Listed are names, residence, accepted entries, mediums, or title of employment. Work of the names in orange were exhibited at Lighton's studio in the 1930s.
The 1922 exhibit was held at the Phil R. Toll home, located on the southwest corner of Warwick and Armour Boulevards (above).
Program notes
Art school committee - Ilah Kibbey, Registrar.
January exhibition committee  - Ms. Massey Holmes, Miss Elizabeth Gentry.
KCAI Trustees - Mrs Hal Gaylord, Ms. Massey Holmes

Alfred H. Clark  LINK
Box 153, St. Marys, KS
  Portrait Head of Boy - painting

Mrs. Massey Holmes
1040 W 53rd St, Kansas City
  Still Life - painting

Ilah Marion Kibbey LINK
  October - painting
  Gloucester Docks - painting

Gertrude W. Lighton  LINK
3526 Locust, Kansas City
  Main Street, Provincetown - painting
  The Gillham Road from Georgia Court - painting

Le Roy D. Morris  LINK
42nd and Mill Creek Parkway
  Morning, Taos - painting
  Jim Luwasu - painting
  Wagon Wheel Gap - painting
  Taos Girls - painting

R. Wetherill  LINK
1640 Poplar St, Kansas City
  Evening Glow - painting
  Cozy Corner - painting

Ethel G. Holmes  LINK
1040 W 53rd St, Kansas City
  Silver and Lapis Lazuli - jewelry/metalwork
  Carver Silver Bracelet - jewelry/metalwork
  Filet Lace Panel - textile decoration

1922 Friends of Art - A. R. Jones - President
Miss Effie Seachrest - Vice President
Program note
Sunday, Jan. 22, "Old Masters and New" lecture
Miss Floy Campbell, Art Director Junior College


1923 Midwestern Artists Exhibition
(Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma)

Floy Campbell  LINK
4026 E 67th Street Terrace, Kansas City
  Dunes, Indiana - oil painting
  The Fallen Monarch - litho

Roger Cunningham 
3123 Washington St, Kansas City
  November Prairie - watercolor

Gertrude Freyman  LINK
6220 Indiana Ave, Kansas City
  The Scarlet Bowl - oil painting

Coah Henry  LINK
3106 Olive, Kansas City
  Maine Birches - oil painting
  Summer Quiet - oil painting
  The Harbor - watercolor

Ethel G. Holmes
  Morning Light on Gould Mountain - watercolor
  Thunderstorms - oil painting
The Curve of the Brook - watercolor

Ilah M. Kibbey
  Across the St. Laurence, Quebec - pastel
  From the Fort, Quebec - litho print
  Minanna, Monhegan - pastel
  Lower City, Quebec - litho pencil
    Silver Metal of Graphic Arts 1923
  Sous le Cap, Quebec - litho pencil
  Summer - oil painting
  The Fishing Village - oil painting
    Mr/Mrs JB Irving Prize of Painting 1923
  The Riding Academy, Country Club - watercolor
  The Village Road - watercolor
    Bronze Medal of Watercolor and Pastels 1923

Gertrude W. Lighton
  Flowers - oil painting

W. Rosenbauer LINK
  Marguerite - plaster
    Mrs. Anthony French Merrill Prize of Ceramics 1923
  Jar / Bowl

R. Wetherill
  Landscape - oil painting
  After The Storm - sketch watercolor
  Winter - silk print
  Ozark Hills - oil paintoing

Margaret Whittemore  LINK
1615 College Ave, Topeka, KS
  Santa Fe Poster - oil painting
  Pueblo Indians - woodblock

Program note
Friday, Jan. 26 "Expressionism, Van Gogh, Gaugan" lecture
by Miss Floy Campbell

1924 Midwestern Artists Exhibition
(Missouri, Kansas, Oklahoma, Nebraska, Colorado)

Walter A Bailey, art department Kansas City Star 
  The Edge of Town - oil painting
  Swope Park in Winter - oil painting
  Shadows - oil painting
  The Fork in the Road - oil painting
  Moonlight - Graphic Arts
  Pine Tree - Graphic Arts
  Coasting - Graphic Arts

Floy Campbell
  In An Old Garden - oil painting
  Flickering Gold - oil painting
  The Ragged Edge - watercolor

Fern I. Coppedge
4011 Baltimore Ave, Philadelphia, PA
  A Morning In Winter - oil painting
    Silver Award for Painting 1924

Dr. Emmet J. Craig  LINK
707 Waldheim Bldg, Kansas City LINK
  Dr. Chas C. Allen - Portrait Bust Sculpture
    Silver Medal for Sculpture
  Helen Craig - Portrait Bust Sculpture

Gertrude Freyman
  Still Life - oil painting
  The Yellow Jar - oil painting
  Portrait - Red Crayon Drawing

Coah Hentry
3106 Olive St, Kansas City
  Going to Church - oil painting
  From the Garden - oil painting
  A Maine Homestead - oil painting

Ethel Greenough Holmes
  Sweet Peas - oil painting
  The End of the Point - watercolor

Helen Scott Jaccard
1502 Drury Lane, Kansas City
  Flowers - oil painting
  Flowers from Mother's Garden - oil painting
  The Blue Bowl - oil painting

Ilah M. Kibbey
  Chateau Frontenac From Culdesac - litho pencil
  November Snow, Mission Hills - watercolor
    Silver Metal of Watercolors
  Posies - watercolor

Troy Kinney  LINK
46 W Ninety-fifth St, New York
  Lopokova and Nijinski in Les Sylphides - etching
    Gold Metal for Etching
  Zephyr - etching
  Mme. Genee - ething
  Serenade - etching

Le Roy Mc Morris
  Portrait of My Mother - oil painting
  New Mexico - oil painting
    Bronze Medal for Painting
  White Iris - oil painting
  Mr. John H. Bovard - oil painting
  Agatha - litho
  Portrait - litho tiny
  Figure Sketches, Group No.1 - watercolor
  Orange Lily - watercolor
  Miss Kaye - etching

W.W. Rosebauer
109 E 40th St, Kansas City
  Charley Mc Gowan - Bronze
    Honor Mention for sculpture

C.A.Seward  LINK
  Summer - litho
    Honor Mention for sculpture
  Red Sandstone Banks - litho

R. Wetherill
  Boats - silk print
  The Boat House - silk print
  Lonesome Pine - silk print

          "Interest in the Art Institute was increasing, as was enrollment. In 1922, a brochure listed classes in design, illustration, interior decorating, costume design, fashion, wood carving, drawing, lettering, commercial art, sculpture and industrial art. There were also special classes in jewelry, home crafts such as batik, gesso, lamp shades, ceramics, weaving, basketry. The catalogue was profusely illustrated with examples of student art including work by Ruth Alexander, Illah Marion Kibbey, Lora Wilkins, Fred Geary, Doris Prat, Gene Thornton, Leroy D. MacMoris, L.F. Wilford, Delle Miller. Costs were day classes, per week, $3.50; evening classes, per week, $1.50; children's classes, Saturdays, 50 cents; holiday classes Sunday mornings, 60 cents." (A History of Community Achievement 1885-1964 by Mazee Bush Owens and Frances S. Bush, page 9, accessed from Jannes Library, Tuesday, August 3rd, 2010).
(List from "Midwestern Artists Exhibition, Kansas City: Kansas City Art Institute, 1920-1942," Mines, Cynthia, courtesy of Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, 14 West 10th St, Kansas City, MO, accessed November 12, 2011) (Links courtesy of Ask Art, Clark,, Kibbey,, Wetherill,, Lighton,, Morris,, Holmes,, Campbell,, Freeman,, Henry,, Rosenbauer,, Craig,, Kinney,,
  accessed Feb 15,2013)

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  1. I just purchased a Helen Scott jaccard at an estate sale. I believe it is the blue bowl. Parts of the original card is on the back with her name and 1502 Drury lane, mission hills I believe. It appears to have come from a gallery that begins with conra......g. The card begins with The Kansas City art..... Please let me know if you are interested in seeing the piece. It is in original frame and is in excellent condition. Thank you. Teresa.