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Ilah Marion Kibbey

(1933 City Directory for 17th and Holly Street courtesy of Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, 14 West 10th St, Kansas City, MO,accessed October 12th, 2010)

Among the five artists residing at the Lighton Studios was ILAH MARION KIBBEY--AMERICAN (1888-1958) oils and watercolors, painter, illustrator, printmaker (accessed Sep 18, 2010)
    "The studio immediately above that of Gertrude Lighton is shared by Ilah Marion Kibbey, Mrs. Loren Martin and Mrs. James Summers, president of the Kansas City City of Artists. Colorful fabrics, art objects and antique furniture lend it distinctive charm. Triangular and window-flanked, its elevated northern exposure permits excellent view of airport activities, interest of which is reflected in Miss Kibbey's paintings. Impressions during flight 9,000 feet above the local aiport are recorded in her oils and watercolors.

     Here is a new, heretofore untried, prespective, that shows the earth pattern as it appears through clouds when the plane is banked. These three artists will participate in a thumb box exhibit to be given at the Lighton studios November 1. Landscapes, some depicting neighborhood scenes, will predominate." (excerpt from Kansas City Journal-Post, Sunday, October 19, 1930, News clippings courtesy of Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, 14 West 10th St, Kansas City, MO, accessed October 5, 2010)
 "This unique work was painted around 1927 when Kibbey was known to have made several sketches from the air detailing the meandering of the Missouri river. An oil on canvas, this painting is artist signed lower left. Overall unframed measurement of 26 x 30 inches. Restored condition, unlined but with scattered areas of inpainting and repair to the surface. Lot 668"
.   Untitled painting by Ilah M. Kibbey courtesy of Live Auctioneers, http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/3165791 , accessed Feb 20, 2013) Double click on image to enlarge.
House in Glouchester by Ilah M. Kibbey (courtesy of Mutual Art, http://www.mutualart.com/Artwork/House-in-Gloucester/170FB09E32EDF8A9 , accessed Feb 20, 2013)
October 24, 1926  Kansas City Journal Star heading
    "The picturesque environs of the New England fishing villages furnished abundant motives for the skillful brush of Ilah Marian Kibbey last summer, as her exhibition of water color paintings in tempera water colors to open tomorrow morning for a week's view at the Conrad Hug art galleries, 1011 A. Grand avenue, will testify.
    Quaint old houses set beneath gree trees, rocky shore lines, wharves and fishing smacks, and finally the Atlantic itself are charmingly recorded in the sixty paintings, which are being shown. All but five of them, which are Kansas City scenes, were painted last summer in the vicinity of Rockport, Mass. Not bad for a two months' vacation.
    Miss Kibbey's work is well known in Kansas City where she has exhibited frequently in the past. Her happiest effects seem to be most often obtained in the medium used in the paintings in the present exhibition, where she has succeded in combining a delightful spontaneity with sound drawing and charming color.
    Besides being registrar of the Kansas City Art institute, Miss Kibbey is vice president of the Kansas City Society of Artists, and the member of the National Association of Women Painters, and the North Shore Arts association and  the Rockport Society of Artists." (article courtesy of Missouri Valley Special Collections, Kansas City Public Library, 14 West 10th St, Kansas City, MO, accessed March 2011)   
Untitled (City), etching, 5 x 8 inches, 4 of 75 
(courtesy of Missouri Valley Special Collections,
Kansas City Public Library, 14 West 10th St,
Kansas City, MO, accessed March 2011)   
 Sail Boats, etching, 8 3/4 x 10 1/4 inches (courtesy of Mutual Art, http://www.mutualart.com/Artwork/Sail-Boats/BC350F4F2731D220, accessed Feb 20, 2013)

Men Trimming Trees Around Pond, c.1935, oil on fiberboard,  24 x 20 1/8 in. (accessed Nov.12, 2010)  http://americanart.si.edu/collections/search/artwork/?id=13709 and http://americanart.si.edu/images/1974/1974.28.66_1a.jpg

The Wharf, Morning, oil on board, 14 x 18 inches, (courtesy of Mutual Art, http://www.mutualart.com/Artwork/The-Wharf--Morning/A611C6A297B378FE, Feb 20, 2013)
Untitled (Men on Logs),  "Fine oil on masonite by this important artist and teacher from Kansas City who's works are rarely found. Kibbey is notable among American artists, her work is held in various museum collections including the Smithsonian American Art collection. This work is artist signed lower right and measures 26 x 30 inches overall. Very good untouched condition.Lot 667" (courtesy of Live Auctioneers, http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/3165790, Feb 20, 2013)

ILAH MARION KIBBEY, AMERICAN (1888-1958) GLOUCESTER DOCKS, oil on artist`s board, signed lower right, gilt-framed. 18 x 20 inches. Exhibited: The National Association of Women Painters and Sculptors, New York, 1923 The Pennsylvania Academy of Fine Arts, 119th Annual Exhibition, 1924 (courtesy of Images Worth Point, http://images.worthpoint.com/files/is/4859/398/4859_398_1H20OBHG1.jpg, accessed Feb 23, 2013)

Dangerous Blues (song music), cover art: Ilah Kibbey
(courtesy of Parlor Songs, http://parlorsongs.com/issues/2007-4/thismonth/feature.php, SCROLL DOWN TO Dangerous Blues, acc. Dec 17, 2010)

1922 Joe L Sanders Sheet Music (Martha Just a Plain Old Fashioned Name) illus by Ilah M.Kibbey  Martha (Just a Plain Old Fashioned Name)”, words and music by Joe L Sanders. Six pages front to back with a 1922 copyright. Published by J W Jenkins Sons Music Co, Kansas City, MO. Approximately 9 in. X 12 in. Cover art by Ilah M Kibbey shows an illustration of a pretty woman with flowers and at lower eight is a photo of two women with the words, “The McLaughlin Sisters, America’s Greatest Dancing Duo”. Sanders was co-founder of the Coon-Sanders Original Kansas City Nighthawks, the first Kansas City jazz band to achieve national recognition, which it acquired through national radio broadcasts. It was founded in 1919 by drummer Carleton Coon and pianist Joe Sanders. Very good condition (has a store sticker on cover). Postage will be paid by purchaser. (courtesy Ebay, http://www.ebay.com/itm/1922-Joe-L-Sanders-Sheet-Music-Martha-Just-a-Plain-Old-Fashioned-Name-/160926312041, accessed Feb 19, 2013)

Portrait of Ilah M. Kibbey by Pauline Everett, drawing,
Lot 669, 12 x 10 inches, signed lower right. This pencil sketch on paper was found in the estate of Paulina Everitt (Kansas City Art Institute student) courtesy of Live Auction, http://www.liveauctioneers.com/item/3165792, accessed Feb 20, 2013) 
Paulina Jones Everitt (1905 - 1996) taught by Thomas Hart Benton  
Everett BIO http://www.davidcookfineart.com/1/Everitt_Paulina_Jones.htm  and http://bestofthewestauctions.com//dynapage/IP7309.htm and http://www.askart.com/AskART/artists/search/Search_Grid.aspx?searchtype=BOOKS&artist=105827
Shiny Water,  Motif No.1, Rockport, Massachusetts, Watercolor& Gouache, 8" x 8-1/2" inches, Ilah Marian Kibbey (American 1888-1958) Circa 1925. Signed lower left. (courtesy of Covington Gallery, http://covingtongallery.com/watercolors-0113-shiny-water-a.htm, accessed Feb 20, 2013)

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