Saturday, March 30, 2013

ode to Gertrude

"For Gertrude Lighton:

Gertrude Lighton was a real part of the world we live in here. Her interests were such that she created an oasis for us, a place to regain ourselves, away from the main stream of a rushin world.

She loved art and beauty in a great variety of ways, and she loved people who loved things. She had the heart of a girl always really to accept some new wonder.

Her years at 1718 Holly Street will live a long time in the memory of our town. She created a unique warm atmosphere where artists lived and worked and memorable luncheons were served to the public.

Gertrude Lighton was interested in doing and being herself, and if you wanted to get in and go along with her, her face would light up and she would take you to her heart. She had a natural unselfconscious generosity and when she heard of people in need, it never occurred to her not to jump in and do something about them.

Then she moved uptown on Main street, in her typically individual way, she took a regular store space and with her own magic, turned it into a shop of great personal warmth. In short, the Lighton Studio was more a public institution first and a store second.

And so Gertrude Lighton will remain a gentle lovely light in our lives that points to man's innate goodness. We will all miss her but her spirit will continue to warm us and that fire is not likely to go out."

(unsigned eulogy courtesy of Terri Mooney, descendant of Gertrude Woolf Lighton, Kansas City, MO, via email March 30, 2013)

I just thought that kinda summed up her...and wanted to share. T M

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